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The composition system of screw sludge machine


The composition system of screw sludge machine

The screw sludge machine is a collection of automatic control cabinet, flocculation conditioning tank, sludge enrichment dehydration body and liquid tank in one, can be fully automatic operation under the condition of continuous completion of sludge enrichment and extraction dehydration work, will collect filtrate reflux or discharge.

1. Main body

It is composed of fixed ring, walking ring, spiral shaft, screw, gasket and a number of connecting plates, fixed ring through six screws will be connected together, between the fixed ring is equipped with gasket and walking ring, fixed ring and walking ring are made of solid material, so that the whole machine life is long, spiral shaft through the fixed ring and walking ring middle, and walking ring sleeve on the spiral shaft.

2. Spiral axis

It is composed of a shaft and spiral blades, and the shaft is connected by a hollow shaft. Assembly welding is to connect the shaft and the hollow shaft first, after welding, the rough car, in order to ensure the coaxiality of both ends of the shaft, and then the spiral blade and shaft are connected by full welding.

3. Driving device

It is the power source of the screw press machine, the performance of the driving device will directly affect the performance of the whole equipment.

4. Filtrate tank

It is connected by the plate parts, is used to collect the filtrate filtered down by the main body, the filtrate tank is connected with the frame body through screws around, and the filtrate tank is provided with a flange on the side, so as to connect with external equipment.

5. Hybrid system

It is mainly used to mix sludge with chemicals to form alum into the main body for extraction and dehydration.

The composition system of screw sludge machine

The composition system of screw sludge machine


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