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Vehicle-mounted sludge dehydrator


Vehicle-mounted sludge dehydrators are widely used in municipal sewage treatment projects and water treatment systems in petrochemical, light industry, chemical fiber, papermaking, pharmaceutical, leather and other industrial industries.

Advantages of vehicle-mounted sludge dehydrator

1. The overall design of the vehicle-mounted sludge dehydrator is very compact and takes up little space.

The equipment can be installed on 4.5 meters, 6.8 meters, 7.8 meters, 13 meters and other types of transport vehicles, which meet the transport size standards of ordinary vehicles. The equipment is highly intensive and easy to move.

2. The vehicle-mounted sludge dehydrator has large processing capacity and saves processing costs.

The sludge treatment capacity is 10~50 cubic meters per hour, which greatly improves the working efficiency and saves a lot of manpower and the cost of ordinary sewage suction truck transportation.

3. The technology of vehicle-mounted sludge dehydrator is scientific and reasonable

Equipped with sludge concentration uniformity module, vacuum sludge lifting module, sludge coarse filtration module, sludge buffer storage module, sludge secondary fine filtration module, sludge collection equalization module, PAM flocculation module, PAM and sludge transport module, high-efficiency solid-liquid separation module, automatic control module, etc., fundamentally solved the problem that sludge, water and impurities are difficult to be mixed, and too many impurities after lifting are difficult to enter the solid-liquid separation unit for filtration The sludge is uneven and difficult to flocculate and separate.

4. The automatic control of vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering machine saves a lot of labor costs. Each unit module of the whole set of equipment, through rigorous PLC programming and scientific and reasonable logical relationship, realizes the full automatic operation of the whole set of equipment, which can be operated by one person.

Vehicle-mounted sludge dehydrator


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