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Why is the price of the screw machine so different?


The screw sludge machine occupies a small space, and is convenient for transfer and maintenance. It can also be cleaned automatically, which saves a lot of trouble. Oily sludge can also be dehydrated well.

When it is rolling, the noise and vibration are very small, the problems are few, the operation is safe, and the power consumption is low.

It can work safely for 24 hours without operation, and daily protection is also very convenient. It is applicable to sludge dewatering of various concentrations. It can be used at high concentrations and low concentrations, and it does not require a special thickening tank or storage tank, so the cost is greatly reduced, which also reduces the release of phosphorus and the outbreak of anaerobic odor.

Why is the price of the screw machine so different?

The price of screw sludge machine varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Good manufacturers will provide perfect and timely services from the early stage of model selection to production to installation and later maintenance. However, some manufacturers sell equipment at low prices and do not perform after-sales service. Users can not solve the problem in time when the equipment breaks down, which affects the normal work.

The spiral shaft is the core part of the equipment, and its processing is difficult. The qualified shaft should be tapered, fully welded, variable pitch, and hard surface coating. The processing difficulty and high cost here are also important factors that determine the service life and dehydration effect of a device.

Why is the price of the screw machine so different?


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