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Reasons for sludge leakage of screw press


Screw presss are widely used in different scenarios, some customers may find that sludge leaks from the ring on the screw shaft of the equipment, which greatly affects the working efficiency of the equipment. So, what could be the reason for it leaking mud?

1. The flocculation effect of the sludge is not good before it enters the dehydration main body. The ideal flocculation state can only be achieved after the sludge is in a suitable proportion of polyacrylamide (PAM). It will be filtered out from the gap between the dynamic and static rings. Of course, some sludge is not simply added with PAM. Some sludge has specific properties and needs to be added with PAC, caustic soda and other chemicals.

2. The design of the gap between the ring pieces of the screw press is too large. This is mainly because some manufacturers do not do a good enough leveling of the dynamic and static rings, and the flatness error is above 10 wires. The thickness of the gasket can be increased, and as a result, the gap between the dynamic and static rings becomes too large, and the sludge is filtered out.

screw press

screw press


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